Rock the Boat

Updated: Feb 18

In the eyes of God a Goat is no better than anyone high nor low in fact he is the least among equals. The good message the Goat brings is not just for the good people but also for the wretched sinner. How can one attempt to speak to the believer, and at the same time speak to the poor, the common man, the well to do, the street, the ladies of the night, and the worst of sinners. A man once said to me that real recognizes real. That maybe so but what of those who may consider passing gas in public to be a sin rather than rude and may get turned off by some of the true to life work in the Beginning of the End 4 book series. Book of Goat is the gospel truth but the books Deuces Wild and Mad One speak a hard truth. The scriptures tell us to speak the truth and leave the rest to God therefore I put the truth forward, like it or not, take it or leave it, love it or hate it, the entire message in all the BOTE books is the truth. Bringing all these worlds together is what the BOTE 4 book series does, it rocks the boat. A look at the world around us and how hard things really are out here on the ground. Most folks suffer, either personally, financially, physically or mentally regardless of class or status. If folks want the hard truth and to be entertained then read the 4 works of Paul Paps.

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