Passion Play

Passion fire the heart's desire. The scent of a woman can be intoxicating for a Goat. The scent of a Goat not so good. Nevertheless, passion is fire, it takes control of you. It can be lukewarm or blazing hot and better yet a volcano. Speaking from the heart's desire, a passion for one that doesn't dwindle year after year but burns stronger with time is truly beyond the moon and stars. Although it's rare it does exist, take it for a Goat. The epic Heaven Seven book series tells the story of two young people full of passion for each other and a lasting love throughout the ages of ages. Till death and beyond. The heart wants what the heart wants. Block out the noise and follow your heart or be miserable. It's your life, what's it worth to you? It's not always easy to follow your heart, there can be twists, turns, bumps and hurdles along the road, it takes courage. Is it better to go down heart's road and take a chance even if it doesn't work out? Or is it better not knowing? Consider this, what might have been may keep you up at night, sleep tight. Follow your passion, follow your heart, fall in love and be fruitful.

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