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Night Shift

Goat spent the better part of the last two decades with a bucket and a mop on the night shift, a roughly twelve hour all night almost every night deal that was all too real. Yes, God says we must rest for a day, unfortunately, some folks don't have that luxury. A wise man once said something like, there is nothing up top except a bucket and a mop. Truer words have yet to be spoken. Working folks truly are everyday heroes. The Goat philosophy has always been, another day another nickel so get it done. The epic Heaven Seven book series shines a light on common folk and the day to day grind they live. Working hands are hard hands, often cold and sore, sometimes bloody and taped up. Hard working hands built the world we live in. From farming to mining, construction and manufacturing, hands are tough. You can tell a lot about a person by shaking their hand. The look, the feel, and the grip tell a story. The H7 Goat story of a lifelong hard laborer, with hard enough hands yet delicate enough to play an instrument, who decided to take another road later in life is a true and hard one. It's hard out here in the game of life.

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