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Lest We Forget

War is not a joke and must only be waged with careful and thoughtful consideration to every last option and then reconsidered once more. A good soldier, sailor or pilot comes ready for battle fully prepared and equipped with what is provided, and hopefully led by a good General, Admiral or Captain with the heart of a lion, the brain of a goat, and the soul of a horse. The epic Heaven Seven book series calls for good, smart, strong and capable leadership. Someone once said something like, there is war in the east, war in the west, war up north and war down south. Be it on the battlefield, the money field, the social field, the ideological field, or fill in the blank field, war is everywhere. Fight the good fight. I believe the one good fight that mankind must wage is the war on poverty. The hard facts on the ground and the real stats are more than half the world is poor or is on the edge of poverty. The true number unfortunately is much greater. The war on poverty is highlighted and thoroughly covered in the book H7 book series and so are a number of important global issues. The book also touches on the horrors of war and gives thanks to all those that gave their service and sacrificed so that the rest of us can drink lattes, thank you. Goat prefers a strong cup of old-fashioned coffee.

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