Lady Liberty

Updated: Feb 18

Give me freedom or give me death, an old Greco saying. Freedom and Democracy are the pillars on which Western society exist today. However, freedom comes at a cost, blood. Democracy is a work in progress and not to be taken for granted, no matter how strong the we think it is, because it's worth preserving. The book Deuces Wild from the Beginning of the End 4 book series takes a closer look at freedom and democracy, and ideologies such as capitalism and socialism. Also governments and leaders, society from the top down as well as several other real world issues. Deuces Wild breaks it down to the bare bones and proposes real world solutions for society such as the Diamond structure, the Schizm system, the Boom objective, the Coman group, and the Cow pack, among several others. Spoiler alert, 1% A2O is not a scientific formula. Philosophically speaking, if one must know what in the world the Goat is talking about it's all in Deuces Wild.

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