Forgive me Trinity

Updated: Feb 18

Have you ever wondered what the Holy Trinity truly is and what it means? More than most preachers and priests have struggled to adequately explain its mystery for more than 2000 years. Then one day it hit me like a bolt of lightning, keep it simple cupid. So, here it is in simple easy to understand Goat form. The Father is greater than the Son. The Father and Son are greater than the Holy Spirit. They are all unique but all three together are One. But how? Like this, for example, let's say Our Father is the apple, Our Son is the red grape, and the Holy Spirit is the pineapple. They are all different, however, they are also the same meaning fruit, so to speak. It's simple but it works. Beginning of the End 4 book series explores faith with the biblical Book of Goat and throughout the 4 works which also tackle a number of real world subject matters. It's a beautiful and wonderful world but also a dark and disturbing world. May God forgive us, may the light of the Lord shine on, and may the Holy Spirit shield us. Amen.

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