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Heaven Seven Epic Book Series Writer

Paul Paps the Goat

Paul Paps aka Goat is the author of the multi genre Heaven Seven epic book series.  His works include the signature title Book of Goat a faith genre work of organized scripture with a must-read miracle versus chapter #33 the Seven Revealed Warnings to the Seven Churches.  Also, Deuces Wild a raw original fiction work with much truth.  Mad One his true to life full disclosure biography work.  As well, Seven Seals an ultimate mystery work.  And the blueprint title Manifesto of a Servant a world declaration work.

Paul Paps is a self-educated, well versed, lifetime hard laborer who always humbly seeks out a greater understanding. The Heaven Seven literary works are only the beginning of the end.  On one lukewarm autumn night Goat was hit by a lightning bolt of life and his earthly existence flashed before his eyes and that gave him the motivation to pick up the pen. He asked himself what if anything he could contribute to society and the world at large?  He came up with a simple answer, a creative mind coupled with a lifetime of all-around knowledge and experience to share. But what would be the goal?  For Goat, making the reader smile and wave, laugh and cry, maybe raise an eyebrow or worse, and most of all think and dream of things big, small, and everything in-between.

Each one of the Heaven Seven series books are unique and quite different from each other, they stand alone, yet all the books tie into the Heaven Seven written series in their own notable way. Paul Paps promises the reader this, the hard truth, a hard laugh, one hard life, and hard work.  He worked to put it all out there and leave it all on the table like nothing he’s ever done before.  There’s something engaging in the Heaven Seven series books for everyone.  Five books, five works, five genres, something for all.  Thank you. 

Life is a journey enjoy the voyage.  


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