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Bote four-book series

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Beginning of the End 

Isaiah 41.10
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Beginning of the End also known as BOTE is an epic 4 book series written by Paul Paps the Goat. The BOTE works are a powerful and entertaining multi-genre literary experience. All 4 Bote books are unique, quite different from one another, they stand on their own, yet they each contribute to the BOTE series notably. BOTE includes the faith work Book of Goat, the fiction work Deuces Wild, the autobiography Mad One, and the mystery work Seven Seals.  4 books, 4 works, 4 genres, something 4 all.  Thank You and Enjoy.  

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Chapter #33

The faithful will receive, the wicked will be cast out. May all those who hear come to the Lord. May the sinner come to the Lord. May the faithful come closer to the Lord. May all those who thirst drink from the Lord and may all those who hunger eat from the Lord.

Paul Paps

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"The Game of Real Life 101.  You are always going to be your own worst enemy.  Then gage your loved ones, then your inner circle, and then your own kind.  Once you have looked at all of that then and only then you can look outside the box.  That’s how you will find..."

Paul Paps

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Tiger was a rare precious beauty and had heard all the lines on the good green earth and the big blue ocean before, so I had to be original, well almost original.  I dug into my music handbook, asked if I could whisper a secret something in her ear and as she leaned over, I licked her face just a little.  Tiger was..."

Paul Paps

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Q:  What is the baptism of holy fire?

A:  Turn the other cheek or an eye for an eye?  More than most times we must fight hate with love but at times one must fight fire with holy fire which is...


Paul Paps

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